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Breaking Mimblewimble's Privacy Model

TL;DR: Mimblewimble's privacy is fundamentally flawed. Using only $60/week of AWS spend, I was able to uncover the exact addresses of senders and recipients for 96% Grin transactions in real time. The problem is inherent to Mimblewimble, and I…

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Factual inaccuracies of 'Breaking Mimblewimble's Privacy Model'

TL;DR: Mimblewimble privacy is not “fundamentally flawed”. The described “attack” on Mimblewimble/Grin is a misunderstanding of a known limitation. While the article provides some interesting numbers on network analysis…

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Steve Jang & Kanyi Maqubela form or fund as Kindred Ventures

Venture capitalists often mutter, “I haven't seen anything I like lately”. Founders frequently complain that “investors are back-seat drivers who won't get their hands dirty.” A $55 million fund with a fresh approach is…

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Coin Metrics' State of the Network: Issue 26

Bitcoin's whitepaper, which recently turned 11 years old, is so concise that it makes only a passing mention of supply: Once a predetermined number of coins have entered circulation, the incentive can transition entirely to transaction fees and be…

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Prepared Remarks of FinCEN Director Kenneth A. Blanco at Chainalysis Blockchain Symposium

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for that wonderful introduction. It is great to be here with you today to discuss FinCEN, our mission, and how together – working with all of you – our collective focus on convertible virtual currency…

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DAI Is Moving Beyond Ether, But DeFi Isn't Decentralized Just Yet

MakerDAO, the flagship project of 2019's decentralized finance (DeFi) boom, launched the multi-collateral version of its DAI stablecoin on Monday. Users can now “lock in” BAT as collateral for dollar-pegged loans. Previously, only…

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Professor Who Wrote Book Drug Crime Is Accused of Money Laundering

A Miami-area college professor who wrote a book about illegal drug trafficking turned his expertise to crime as part of a scheme to wash corrupt cash from Venezuela, prosecutors said. Bruce Bagley, 73, who teaches international studies and wrote…

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Winklevoss Brothers Buy a Startup Founded by Identical Twins

Crypto entrepreneurs Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss just made their first-ever acquisition, and the duo behind the company they bought couldn't be more similar. Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster, 25, are also identical twins. While the 38-year-old…

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Ethereum Flips Itself - Signalling a Trend That Will Replace Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Ethereum Price (BTC): 0.021618BTC 7 Day Candle**: $186.35 / $189.96 / $177.25 / $181.65 The latest Coin Metrics State of the Network issue raised a fascinating insight into the Ethereum ecosystem: Ether, the blockchain's native token, now accounts…

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Gemini Expands into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Nifty Gateway™ Acquisition

Today, we are excited to announce that we have made our first acquisition! Cryptocurrency is ushering in the future of money — it's also enabling the future of digital goods and collectibles. As part of our mission to build the future of…

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Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Update #1

Our testnet updates are brought to you by the entire Prysmatic Labs team Just a week ago, we relaunched our Prysm single client test network. aligned with v0.9.0 of the beacon chain spec. Below are some interesting stats on how far the testnet has…

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Perhaps Google Will Kill Bitcoin, After All

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry was spooked earlier this year by reports search giant Google had achieved so-called quantum supremacy, something that could potentially break bitcoin's cryptography (but likely won't). Meanwhile, the bitcoin…

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WalletConnect Now Supports Connext

WalletConnect now supports Connext on mainnet! This means a user's channel can be injected everywhere they go using a new construction called a ChannelProvider. Wallets that use WalletConnect can add support by instantiating a Connext client and…

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Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

While some people have received some surprise tax bills when filing their returns, corporations continue to avoid paying tax — thanks to a cocktail of tax credits, loopholes, and exemptions. According to a report from the Institute on…

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Substrate EVM and Polkadot-Ethereum Compatibility

TL;DR: Substrate EVM will allow unmodified Solidity code to be deployed on a Substrate-based blockchain (including Polkadot parachains), opening up Substrate and Polkadot to pre-existing Ethereum smart contracts, with the possibility of connecting…

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A new privacy-first browser can replace Chrome on all your devices

You're almost certainly reading this story through Google's Chrome web browser. It is, by far, the world's most popular browser – according to stats from June 2019, Chrome is used by more than 70 per cent of desktop users around the world.

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Internet disrupted in Iran amid fuel protests in multiple cities

Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory confirm disruptions with multiple fixed-line and mobile providers in Iran, amid protests against rising fuel prices. The outages have partial impact at the time of writing appearing to affect…

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