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Unknown Fund is Going to Invest and Donate $100 Million for the Development of Ideas of Anonymity

The anonymous organisation Unknown Fund has announced that it intends to invest and donate $75 million in bitcoin to startups which directly or indirectly support the idea of anonymity. Preference will be given to the following niches: protection…

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Ethereum 2.0 tokens could be securities, warns CFTC chairman

Heath Tarbert, chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, sounded out a warning yesterday over the potential for staked tokens (i.e. the coins that support proof-of-stake blockchain networks) to be classified as securities. And…

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Brave Launches Next-Generation Browser that Puts Users in Charge of Their Internet Experience with Unmatched Privacy and Rewards

The Industry's Most Advanced Browser Offers 3-6x Faster Browsing and Ends Surveillance Capitalism with a Private Ads and Payment Platform that Benefits Users, Advertisers, and Publishers Brave Rewards Now Available on iOS, Completing Cross-Platform…

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Blockchain is Dead? Crypto Geeks Debate Merits of Once Dear Tech

For a technology that was supposed to transform and solve seemingly every problem in the world, the enthusiasm is fading pretty quickly. Blockchain, the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, is getting its last rites…

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How Coinbase views proof of work security

Coinbase recently changed the confirmation requirement of four different assets, including reducing Bitcoin confirmation requirement from six confirmations to three. This post describes our views concerning proof of work security that informed our…

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Comparing General Purpose zk-SNARKs

T he zk-SNARK space is moving so fast, it's hard to keep up. Just the last two months a number of new breakthrough zk-SNARK constructs were announced. What's new is that the infamous trusted setup is now redundant, meaning that any arbitrary…

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Latest Note: Crypto Meets Macro Investment Perspectives | Research

Users must accept these terms before they can proceed to access this website. By proceeding to access the information contained, referred or linked to on this website, users shall be deemed to have represented and warranted that the applicable laws…

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Data Provider Messari Closes $4 Million Funding Round

Data provider Messari has closed a $4 million funding round led by Uncork Capital with new participation from Coinbase Ventures and former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, according to a statement from the New York-based firm. As part of the deal…

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Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers' Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional

BOSTON—In a major victory for privacy rights at the border, a federal court in Boston ruled today that suspicionless searches of travelers' electronic devices by federal agents at airports and other U.S. ports of entry are unconstitutional.

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BTCPay Server Grant #3 From Digital Garage, Inc. • BTCPay Server Blog

I am proud to announce that BTCPay Foundation have just received our third grant of 30 000 USD from Digital Garage Inc. (DG). I briefly announced the DG support in Riga during the Baltic Honeybadger conference. Funny enough, I learned of the…

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Troublesome Change Outputs

It is possible to make a valid PSBT file that sends the change left from a transaction to a unknown location. If an attacker had your XPUB, and could change your PSBT file before you sign, they could modify the file so that the…

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Lightning Channels - Top Capacity | 1ML - Lightning Network Search and Analysis Engine - Bitcoin mainnet

Capacity 2.000000000 BTC (0.212%) $16,243.30 Short Channel Id 579407x820x0 e9ff424b22c0477973ae481032eff8107843461ff071ab2fcd3ee39d86518d18 Capacity 1.000000000 BTC (0.106%) $8,121.65 Short Channel Id 578254x2519x0…

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PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub, Hurting 'Hundreds of Thousands' of Performers

Late Wednesday night, Pornhub announced that PayPal is no longer supporting payments for Pornhub—a decision that will impact thousands of performers using the site as a source of income. Most visitors to Pornhub likely think of it as a…

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Open Source Code Will Survive the Apocalypse in an Arctic Cave

The last stop for civilization before the North Pole is Svalbard, an archipelago north of mainland Norway along the 80th parallel. Most of Svalbard's old Norwegian and Russian coal mines have shut down, so locals have rebranded their vast acres of…

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Release: Parity Ethereum goes to Istanbul

We are pleased to announce the release of Parity Ethereum v2.5.10-stable and v.2.6.5-beta, which include all Istanbul hard fork EIPs and the block height for enacting the highly anticipated upgrade for all supported networks. All node operators are…

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Decentralized Web Meetup Berlin

Fission is running a month long series of Decentralized Web Meetups all around Europe. The goal is to bring together both those already working on decentralized web topics, as well as introduce a broad set of developers to what is possible today…

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