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Don't buy China's story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

Researchers in central China study coronavirus samples as some wonder whether the disease escaped from a Wuhan laboratory. At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the…

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Past Time to Tell the Public: 'It Will Probably Go Pandemic, and We Should All Prepare Now'

by Jody Lanard and Peter M. Sandman NOTE FROM IAN: The expert risk communication team of Lanard and Sandman has given me permission to post their very well-considered reply to my question of them just on 24 hours ago, here. I'm not an expert in…

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WSJ News Exclusive | Intuit Near Deal to Buy Credit Karma for $7 Billion

Intuit Inc. is nearing a deal to buy personal-finance portal Credit Karma Inc. for about $7 billion in cash and stock, in a move that would push the bookkeeping-software giant further into consumer finance, according to people familiar with the…

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JPMorgan's blockchain report: mainstream adoption is still years away

This year's JPMorgan Perspectives report contends that blockchain has seen more extensive use cases among companies like stock exchanges, although mainstream adoption is still likely years away. According to the 74-page report, banks are…

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Why I'm boycotting TurboTax this year

It's tax season again, and that means you're probably thinking about using TurboTax. You wouldn't be alone; Intuit, the company that sells TurboTax, claimed in 2016 that the app has 31 million users. Its competitors do pretty well for themselves…

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JPMorgan Says Blockchain Is Laying Foundation for Digital Money

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is broadening its perspective on blockchain technology to show how digital money will change the financial world. The emergence of linked databases like the blockchains that enable Bitcoin and Ether to exist as well as changing…

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Prize Savings: the ultimate money lego

Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below. The U.S. Constitution is 4,543 words—not much longer than this article. Yet this simple mechanism runs the largest democratic republic in the world.

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Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases

A police investigator in Spain is trying to solve a crime, but she only has an image of a suspect's face, caught by a nearby security camera. European police have long had access to fingerprint and DNA databases throughout the 27 countries of the…


Reading Between the Lines: SEC, Telegram, and Rule 144

Many in the crypto community and beyond have been closely watching the SEC's case against Telegram as another regulatory test for the fast-growing space. In a complaint filed in October 2019 in federal court, the SEC alleged that the company's sale…

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Venmo did what with my data? My location was shared when I paid with the app

Many of us have ditched cash and, instead, use smartphone apps like Venmo to pay for goods and services. The app is free, it takes just a second to initiate and finish a transaction. I don't have to write a check or pull out some cash. It's great.

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Fidelity Acquires Stake in Hong Kong Crypto Firm BC Group

Fidelity International has acquired a HK$110.5 million ($14.2 million) stake in the operator of OSL, one of Asia's biggest digital-asset platforms for professional investors. The investment manager acquired 17 million shares of BC Technology Group…

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Highlighting Organizations in the Cosmos Ecosystem

By Ethan Buchman and Arianne Flemming, with thanks to Andy Nogueira and representatives from Agoric, Regen, Lunie, Figment, and Chorus One The ICF has funded a wide diversity of organizations in the Cosmos ecosystem to help deliver on its mission…


ICF Funding Program: 2019 Year in Review

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) runs a general-purpose funding program to fund projects that advance the ICF's mission of supporting open, decentralized networks. In 2019, we ramped up the program significantly. We put out four Requests for…


The Gupta Option

Historical evidence shows that the 1918-1919 flu epidemic virus, H1N1, was extremely lethal (CFR > 60%) in isolated communities without prior exposure to similar viruses. This raises the extremely frightening possibility that H5N1 could have a…

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Shared backend for Web3

One profile. A world of Ethereum dapps.

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Deribit Institutional Newsletter January 2020

It has been another exciting month looking at BTC price development, related trading activity and options volume & open interest growth. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our much-anticipated move to Equinix LD4. By now, we have found the cause and…


The Key to Bitcoin's Future: Inflation

Bitcoin is back, sort of. The original cryptocurrency hasn't regained the lofty highs of its bubble peak in late 2017, but it has climbed back up to about $10,000: Predictions that Bitcoin would collapse have not borne fruit. Despite its bubbles…


EHR Data to migrate 41 years of healthcare data to Bitcoin SV

EHR Data Inc. has partnered with nChain to digitize medical data, and for the first time, give patients ownership of their healthcare data. The Texas-based company, a subsidiary of the National Health Coalition (NHC), just made the groundbreaking…

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