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The cowardice of Brave

More than 15 years af­ter cre­at­ing Java­Script, Bren­dan Eich con­ceded that JS had “a lot of stu­pid in it.” Mr. Eich, I re­gret to say that the same is true of your new web browser, called Brave.

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Exploring Cross-Shard Communication in Eth2.0

With the specification of Phases 0 & 1 of Eth2.0 reaching a comfortable level of detail, the research focus is shifting towards Phase 2: State Execution. One of the most important aspect of this phase is the handling of cross-shard communication…

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Lightning Network (Part 5) - BitMEX Research Launches Penalty Transaction Alert System - BitMEX Blog

Abstract: ForkMonitor has launched a Lightning Network penalty transaction alert system, available at Unfortunately, it is possible the alerts could be manipulated, for instance by users artificially generating…

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Ethereum Foundation Sold $100 Million at the Top Says Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum's co-founder Vitalik Buterin has stated the Ethereum Foundation (EF) sold 70,000 eth “basically at the top.” Speaking to Eric Weinstein, a podcaster and the managing director of Thiel Capital, Buterin said: “I did get…

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The DeFi Déjà Vu

There are important patterns in the historical development of finance, most notably systemic crises associated with the collapse of asset prices or income flows and the recurring interplay between financial innovation and regulation. Understanding…

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At a Refugee Camp in Iraq, a 16-Year-Old Syrian Is Teaching Cryptocurrency Basics

How do you explain ethereum to someone who doesn't know how to use email? What's the best way to convey how many satoshis add up to a single bitcoin? Those are among the questions faced by Yousif Mohammed Nor Aldeen, a 16-year-old Syrian refugee in…

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Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Foundation Made $100 Million by Selling ETH at ATH

According to a recent statement by Vitalik Buterin, he managed to convince the Ethereum Foundation to sell 70,000 ETH at the height of 2017's parabolic run, resulting in a $100 million liquidity. ETH is still the second-largest cryptocurrency by…

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Ethereum support coming to Fidelity in the new year: Tom Jessop

On ‘The Scoop Live' podcast, Frank Chaparro recently spoke to Fidelity Digital Assets ' president, Tom Jessop, to talk about custodial services in the current market, and institutional entrants into the Bitcoin space, support for Ethereum…

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Supremacy is for racists - use 'quantum advantage'

Nu Quantum, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK. We take issue with the use of ‘supremacy' when referring to quantum computers that can out-calculate even the fastest supercomputers (F. Arute et al. Nature 574, 505–510; 2019). We…


Lessons From the First Digital Gold Boom

This post is part of CoinDesk's 2019 Year in Review, a collection of 100 op-eds, interviews and takes on the state of blockchain and the world. J.P. Koning is the creator of the Moneyness blog, which covers economics, finance, and fintech. 2019 was…

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Billionaires Buying Bitcoin: Bill Pulte Announces 11 BTC Purchase

The number of billionaires holding Bitcoin continues to grow. The latest magnate to go public with his BTC purchase is the philanthropist Bill Pulte, who now wants to promote the benchmark crypto's adoption. Bill Pulte is the head of Pulte Capital…

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Silicon Valley Is Listening to Your Most Intimate Moments

Ruthy Hope Slatis couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd been hired by a temp agency outside Boston for a vague job: transcribing audio files for Inc. For $12 an hour, she and her fellow contractors, or “data…

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Having Kids

Before I had kids, I was afraid of having kids. Up to that point I felt about kids the way the young Augustine felt about living virtuously. I'd have been sad to think I'd never have children. But did I want them now? No. If I had kids, I'd become…

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Crypto mining made simple!

We regret to inform our users that Simplecoin is shutting down. The proposed fourth Anti Money-Laundering Directive by the European Union is currently being implemented by its Member States. This impacts Simplecoin because we operate from the…

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Blockchain Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

Block at depth 517171 in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain 00000000000000000200358c753d5f0d9874a05cfd6f29e5999b8f9cc9c630e4 0b4efa95b6659ce8633937bd753fe48e4670e3fdfeba75ec7d8d55db099d3429 Join the latest Airdrop from The easiest way…

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Official announcement on the shutdown of Bottle Pay

Created on Friday 13th December 2019 16:00 GMT. After having built a fantastic community around our service, and seeing huge growth in user numbers over the last few months, it is with heavy hearts that we announce Bottle Pay will cease operating…


Hyperledger Besu: Advanced Ethereum Client for Mainnet & Enterprise

Hyperledger Besu is open-source, mainnet compatible, Java based, and Apache 2.0 licensed. Besu delivers the most reliable, scalable and easy to use platform for mainnet and enterprise. Leverage the most advanced permissioning for even the most…

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Bitcoin Is A Hedge Against Your Government

The news headline, 'Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks' was embedded into the genesis block of the Bitcoin Network. It does not matter who specifically added that, nor does it even matter that it was included at all. It could have just…


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