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Bitcoiners Are Building a Sidechain Version of Ethereum's MakerDAO

The bitcoin community may soon have its own version of ethereum's flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. Money on Chain, a startup currently in the process of moving to Uruguay and converting into a nonprofit trust, just launched a DeFi…

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These Bitcoin skeptics want to kill Wikipedia's Lightning page

Bitcoin's ledger may be immutable, but that won't stop its name being scrubbed from the internet's foremost record of life on Earth, Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry for the Bitcoin Lightning Network is being considered for deletion. Should the…

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Introducing 'The Breakdown' With Nathaniel Whittemore

In the debut episode, @NLW discusses recent regulatory action, DeFi project on bitcoin, and a new social media protocol initiative from Twitter. The last few days have seen significant regulatory action, from SEC charging Shopin's CEO with fraud…

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The DETH of Ethereum

How DeFi Will Centralize Staking and the Ethereum Network Imagine you own an asset. It's called ETH and it's something of a digital commodity (some even say ETH is money). You plan to own it for a long time, because you both expect it to become…

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Argent x WalletConnect

We're excited to launch a new way for you to access Dapps from Argent. We've integrated WalletConnect, an open source protocol for connecting desktop Dapps to mobile wallets. This means you can now use Argent to simply and safely access Dapps such…

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TokenSoft Scores SEC Transfer Agent Registration to Build 'Automated Investment Bank'

Crypto startup TokenSoft has obtained a key regulatory seal of approval as it seeks to build an investment bank for the age of tokenization. A new TokenSoft subsidiary, DTAC LLC, has been registered as a transfer agent with the U.S. Securities and…

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Filecoin Testnet is Live

Today marks an important milestone for the Filecoin project: the launch of the Filecoin testnet (on schedule)! After significant research, design, and development, the Filecoin protocol is ready for live network testing. We're thrilled to share it…

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The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter

This Guide will help professionals in all fields use Twitter to find collaborators, generate ideas, build a brand, and more.

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Inside the Podcast that Hacks Ring Camera Owners Live on Air

A blaring siren suddenly rips through the Ring camera, startling the Florida family inside their own home. 'It's your boy Chance on Nulled,' a voice says from the Ring camera, which a hacker has taken over. 'How you doing? How you doing?' 'Welcome…

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Introducing cTokens on TokenSets

Today, we're excited to announce the integration of Compound Tokens (cTokens) and the launch of the first cToken enabled Set — the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set ! The main benefit of cToken integration is that users can now earn interest while the…

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Crypto100 - The 100 Most Influential People In Crypto

1 CZ is the founder and CEO of Binance, presently the world's fastest-growing crypto exchange. Previously the CTO of OKCoin and a developer for, CZ has been involved in the crypto space for years and this year landed on Forbes's…

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Whiteblock Genesis - Whiteblock

Design repeatable outage scenarios and run them against your full scale system to determine whether it is robust enough to stand up to the real world. Run a variety of practical security tests like simulating a 51% attack on your network. Run load…

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Introducing Phoenix

Today we are releasing Phoenix, a 2nd-generation mobile Lightning Wallet. When we first announced Eclair Mobile back in 2017, we chose to make it a standard Bitcoin wallet with opt-in Lightning support. Eclair Mobile has a pretty UI, but the UX…

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Exclusive: ING working on digital assets custody technology - sources

NEW YORKNEW YORK (Reuters) - Dutch bank ING is working on developing technology to help clients safely store digital assets, according to people familiar with the matter. The custody project, which is being run out of Amsterdam, is still in its…

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Bitcoin Is A Hedge Against Your Government

The news headline, 'Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks' was embedded into the genesis block of the Bitcoin Network. It does not matter who specifically added that, nor does it even matter that it was included at all. It could have just…

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Stop à l'hypocrisie des banques autour du Bitcoin

Il y a peu de temps, un appel gêné de mon banquier - corporate -. Il m'annonçait la fermeture imminente du compte de notre entreprise, celui qui sert à payer les salaires, les charges et le loyer. Sans raison, car une…

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