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Aztec: Fast Privacy with ZK² Rollup

Aztec is building a high-speed privacy network on Ethereum. Using mathematics and cryptography code invented and built by our team of leading cryptographers and engineers, we're targeting VISA-scale capacity through a single entry point —…

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COVID-19 Science Update for March 27: Super-Spreaders and the Need for New Prediction Models

This article constitutes the March 27, 2020 entry in the daily Quillette series COVID-19 UPDATES. Please report needed corrections or suggestions to. According to statistics compiled by Our World in Data (OWD), the number of newly reported COVID-19…

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Liquid Network Grows to 45 Members

Blockstream is excited to announce the addition of ten new members to the Liquid Network's federation: With these new additions, Liquid now includes a total membership of 45 exchanges and financial institutions. The latest new Liquid members mark…

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Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Rhode Island police began stopping cars with New York plates Friday. On Saturday, the National Guard will help them conduct house-to-house searches to find people who traveled from New York and demand 14 days of self-quarantine. “Right now…

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The Next Seven

Today is my birthday, my seventh in prison. More than any other day of the year, I feel the weight of the time I have lost, the years of my life I will never get back. Time is priceless, yet it must be spent. It cannot be saved for later. These…

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Strange Days: S&P 500 Is More Volatile Than Bitcoin This Month

In a role reversal befitting these topsy-turvy times, Wall Street has recently seen more turbulence than the top cryptocurrency. The S&P 500's 30-day volatility of daily returns, or historical volatility, jumped to 200 percent Wednesday, nearly 10…

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United Airlines warns aid isn't enough to avoid workforce cuts

Published Fri, Mar 27 2020 3:40 PM EDT This is breaking news. Check back for updates.

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Novel Coronavirus 2019

On 31 December 2019, WHO was alerted to several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. The virus did not match any other known virus. This raised concern because when a virus is new, we do not know how it affects people. One…

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Governors Say They'll Force Out Of State Visitors to Quarantine

People in Coronavirus hot spots are being told not to travel to other parts of the country, for fear they'll bring the infection with them. Those that do so anyway may find themselves in a forced quarantine. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Friday…

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Abbott Launches Molecular Point-of-Care Test to Detect Novel Coronavirus in as Little as Five Minutes - Mar 27, 2020

Abbott Launches Molecular Point-of-Care Test to Detect Novel Coronavirus in as Little as Five Minutes The Abbott ID NOW™ COVID-19 test brings rapid testing to the front lines Test to run on Abbott's point-of-care ID NOW platform - a portable…

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One Corner of U.S. Oil Market Has Already Seen Negative Prices

In an obscure corner of the American physical oil market, crude prices have turned negative -- producers are actually paying consumers to take away the black stuff. The first crude stream to turn upside down was Wyoming Asphalt Sour, a dense oil…

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Abbott Launches 5-Minute Covid-19 Test for Use Almost Anywhere

Abbott Laboratories is unveiling a coronavirus test that can tell if someone is infected in as little as 5 minutes, and is so small and portable it can be used in almost any health-care setting. The medical-device maker plans to supply 50,000 tests…

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The Internet was #BuiltForThis | Cloudflare

Originally conceived of as a communications network for humanity during a crisis, it's come a long way since then. But in this moment of crisis, it's being put to use for that original purpose.

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Moloch Evolved: V2 Primer

Perhaps one of the most novel aspects of web3 technology is the creation of new mechanisms to optimize social coordination. For those unfamiliar with Moloch DAO, the purpose is to self-organize, fund, and develop public infrastructure for ETH 2.0.

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Condom shortage looms after coronavirus lockdown shuts world's top producer

KUALA LUMPURKUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A global shortage of condoms is looming, the world's biggest producer said, after a coronavirus lockdown forced it to shut down production. Malaysia's Karex Bhd makes one in every five condoms globally. It has…

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Protocol Labs Announces COVID-19 Open Innovation Grants | Protocol Labs Research

In 2018, Protocol Labs launched a Request for Proposals program to support research in distributed systems, cryptography, and other areas of interest to our projects and company. To date, we have given over $500,000, with results made available to…

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The Fed's Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease

The economic debate of the day centers on whether the cure of an economic shutdown is worse than the disease of the virus. Similarly, we need to ask if the cure of the Federal Reserve getting so deeply into corporate bonds, asset-backed securities…

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Stimulus Bill Allows Federal Reserve to Conduct Meetings in Secret; Gives Fed $454 Billion Slush Fund for Wall Street Bailouts

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 26, 2020 ~ The U.S. Senate voted 96-0 late yesterday on a massive bailout of Wall Street banks versus a short-term survival plan for American workers thrown out of their jobs – and potentially their…

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Bitcoin Price Decline Prompts US Mining Firm to Shut Down 'Indefinitely'

Digital Farms, a California-based cryptocurrency mining company, is putting its operations on hold due to the recent decline in bitcoin's price. On March 18, the miner's parent company, investment firm DPW Holdings, filed an update with the U.S.

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Announcing embeddable NFTs - OpenSea blog

Looking for a nice way to display collectibles, tickets, game items, or digital art on a web page? You can now embed an NFT directly in your blog, Medium post, or website! Here's how it looks: To embed an NFT, simply go to the NFT on OpenSea (for…

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