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Congress takes a step toward a de minimis exemption for everyday cryptocurrency transactions

The Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 was introduced with bipartisan sponsors in Congress today. It would create a sensible de minimis exemption for low value cryptocurrency transactions in day-to-day use. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies…

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eth2 quick update no. 7

Welcome to the first eth2 quick update of 2020! This is going to be an exciting year. Release of v0.10.0 spec as stable target for multi-client testnets and security reviews @paulhauner and @sigp_io team hard at work building Lighthouse Relaunch of…

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Former Regulator Known as 'Crypto Dad' to Launch Digital-Dollar Think Tank

A former top American financial regulator dubbed “Crypto Dad” for his embrace of cryptocurrencies is setting up a think tank to promote the idea of digitizing the U.S. dollar. J. Christopher Giancarlo, who stepped down as chairman of…

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Opinion | The Case of Bill Barr vs. Apple

The advance of digital technology is creating new ethical challenges across society, and here we go again in the battle between law enforcement and the privacy of encrypted cell phones in a democracy. Attorney General William Barr demanded Monday…

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Former CFTC Officials Ramp Up Push for Digital Dollar With Accenture Partnership

Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo, former LabCFTC head Daniel Gorfine and Charles Giancarlo want to take the dollar digital – and they're not waiting for the Fed. The three are forming the…

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The Internet of Beefs

You've heard me talk about crash-only programming, right? It's a programming paradigm for critical infrastructure systems, where there is — by design — no graceful way to shut down. A program can only crash and try to recover from a…

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Cosmos (ATOM) is now available on Coinbase

Starting today, Coinbase supports Cosmos (ATOM) at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store ATOM. ATOM will be available for customers in all Coinbase-supported…

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Cryptocurrency Index and Beta Fund Provider

The leading provider of index and beta cryptoasset funds.

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The DEA seized her father's life savings at an airport without alleging any crime occurred, lawsuit says

But just minutes before departure in late August, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent met her at the busy gate and questioned her about the cash, which showed up on a security scan. He insisted Brown put Rolin on the phone to confirm her story.

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Biggest Bitcoin Investment Trust Says Hedge-Fund Demand Booming

Traditional hedge funds, pensions and endowments are boosting cryptocurrency holdings, according to the biggest Bitcoin trust provider. Grayscale Investments, which lets accredited investors own Bitcoin and other coins via its funds, said it took…

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Institutional Money 'Has Arrived' In Bitcoin As Grayscale Sees Record $600 Million Inflows

Bitcoin's epic 2017 rally, which saw the bitcoin price rise from under $1,000 per bitcoin to almost $20,000 in fewer than 12 months, was largely put down to expectations institutional money was poised to flow into bitcoin and crypto markets—…

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The trillion dollar case for ETH (Full) - Bankless

You're on the Lite program so usually you don't get Thursday Pieces. But today I'm sending you the full article. A small ask in return. Pay-it-forward by sending 1 DAI to the grant below. If you've been following the program you know the concept of…

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Tweeting for dollars

It's a fine time for crypto evangelists who spend all of their lives on Twitter. A “radical” crowdfunding service is set to deliver thousands of dollars to Ethereum fanboys who retweet bullish Ethereum news and get into protracted…

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Our Network: Issue #4 - Our Network

Welcome to Issue #4 of Our Network, a weekly newsletter where top blockchain projects and their communities share data-driven insights about their networks. This week our contributors cover some of the premier early-stage crypto networks: And I've…

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A note on Ethereum 2.0 attestation aggregation strategies - HackMD

# A note on Ethereum 2.0 attestation aggregation strategies ###### tags: 'eth2' 'v0.10.0' [TOC]:::info By @hwwhww 20200115 Special thanks to @djrtwo for the review.::: This document describes the requirements of Ethereum 2.0 attestation aggregation…

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Introducing the Continuous Securities Offering Handbook

At Fairmint, we help ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build thriving, long-lasting & equitable companies raise capital globally and continuously. But there's only one problem: it is simply not possible to do that with the financing options…

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Steering committee now governs Libra technical development · Libra

On December 16, 2019, the council of the Libra Association voted to establish a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) for the Libra project and elected five members that each contribute a unique perspective and bring valuable domain expertise to the…

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Introducing Assemble Beta - Decentralized, Open, Crowdfunding

Assemble is a peer-to-peer crowdfunding tool aimed at supporting web3 projects. Entirely open source, Assemble connects a growing community of passionate project creators with funders from around the world. Blockchain technology and the entire web3…

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Announcing: the France Blockchain Week 2020

After a soft-launch a couple of weeks ago by jerome de tychey, it is now official: the France Blockchain Week 2020 is live! France Blockchain Week is a blockchain agnostic and tech focused initiative organized voluntarily by the community, for the…

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